Technology & Innovation

Technology and Innovation

Today’s agriculture routinely uses sophisticated technologies such as robots, temperature and moisture sensors, aerial images, and GPS technology. These advanced devices and precision agriculture and robotic systems allow businesses to be more profitableefficientsafer, and more environmentally friendly.

Farmers for example no longer have to apply water, fertilizers, and pesticides uniformly across entire fields. Instead, they can use the minimum quantities required and target very specific areas, or even treat individual plants differently.

Some of the benefits include:

Higher crop productivity;

Decreased use of water, fertilizer, and pesticides, which in turn keeps food prices down;

Reduced impact on natural ecosystems.

Less runoff of chemicals into rivers and groundwater.

Increased worker safety just to mention a few.

Therefore FSPN-Africa keeps the affected community up-to date with the most necessary mechanization for efficient productivity through consultative approach with our established partnerships, and other Tech and Innovation Hubs.